Compton Chamberlayne Walnut 2

Beautiful English Walnut from Compton Chamberlayne in Wiltshire.  Slightly smaller than the other boards sourced from here, but still packed full of colour and character.

Available slabs: Compton Chamberlayne Walnut 2

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Walnut 79

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Walnut 80

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Walnut 81

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Walnut 82

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Walnut 83

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Compton Chamberlayne Walnut 2


  • Chocolate heart
  • Knots
  • Narrow
  • Character

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About this species



Walnut trees are any species of tree in the plant genus Juglans, the type genus of the family Juglandaceae, the seeds of which are referred to as walnuts. All species are deciduous trees, 10–40 metres (33–131 ft) tall, with pinnate leaves 200–900 millimetres (7.9–35.4 in), with 5–25 leaflets; the shoots have chambered pith, a character shared with the wingnuts (Pterocarya), but not the hickories (Carya) in the same family. The common walnut, and the black walnut and its allies, are important for their attractive timber, which is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a …