Terms and Conditions

Thank you for looking at our terms and conditions document, this provides customer confidence and honesty from us at Zephyr Sawmills, so that we are all in understanding when purchasing timber from us.

Wood Species – Each species of wood is different; all will react differently under certain weather conditions and applications.  We offer advice to the best of our ability; however, it is down to the buyer to handle/use the wood appropriately after sales.

Moisture – All of our sales pages include a moisture content in the description.  This is taken at the time of listing and is an average across the board.  A final moisture content will be given at date of sale so the buyer is aware of the moisture at point of sale.  It is down to the buyer to understand the effects of different moisture contents in wood.

Sawn – The timber is priced as rough sawn, unless stated otherwise within the advert. Rough sawn will show saw marks from either the bandsaw or chainsaw mill and will have no square ends.  We can offer a planing, crosscut and finishing service, but the price will be increased accordingly.

Online Sales – All of our prices online include taxes but are based on COLLECTION only.  Please enquire before purchasing if you wish to arrange delivery.

Drying – Most of our wood is cut ‘green’ and is advertised as green.  It is then stored undercover outside so the image you see in the photos may look more vibrant than the real product.  This is natural dulling in the drying process, but don’t worry, as once it is sanded back and oiled it will bring back that beautiful character again.

Kiln – We have a drying facility, however it is a slow speed drier meaning that if you are after something kiln dried, there may be a few month wait.  This ensure the timber is dried slowly and nothing is forced.

Collection – When collecting slabs or any timber, please make you turn up in a suitable vehicle.  It’s up to the buyer to ensure the wood is loaded and secured safely to the vehicle or trailer.  We cannot be responsible for damages to the timber from transport if it is unsecure, equally for any moisture changes because it’s been exposed to rain through own transport.

Delivery – We can deliver timber! We will personally deliver timber and will discuss the options and pricings beforehand – this included access, unloading, weather and parking.

Returns – Unfortunately we cannot offer any returns once the wood is collected or delivered.  Wood is a natural product,  we cannot be responsible for the treatment after sale which may lead to future defects.