Kings Somborne Oak

Price per slab | £240.00 (incl. VAT)

A tree felled by our team that was showing signs of severe crown decline.  The final pieces left from this lovely tree.

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Kings Somborne Oak

1 x Centre board, 2 second cut (650mm avg width)

Centre board condition is good aside from pith crack , others are warped.


  • Medullary Rays
  • Centre board
  • Uniform shape
  • Stable

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About this species

English Oak

Quercus robur is a large deciduous tree, with circumference of grand oaks from 4 metres (13 feet) to an exceptional 12 m (39 ft). The Majesty Oak with a circumference of 12.2 m (40 ft) is the thickest tree in Great Britain,[5] and the Kaive Oak in Latvia with a circumference of 10.2 m (33 ft) is the thickest tree in Northern Europe.[citation needed] The largest historical oak was known as the Imperial Oak from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This specimen was recorded at 17.5 m in circumference at breast height and …